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Yaskawa AC Drive



"Yaskawa's development of the world's first application of matrix converter technology in 2006 made it possible to solve AC drive problems. Further evolution of this technology has resulted in the U1000.

This sophisticated series of motor drives available only from Yaskawa eliminates the problems of standard AC drives."
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Environmentally friendly inverter in pursuit of higher performance and easy handling. Can meet high technical requirements by enhanced performance and functions. In the 400V class, the "3-level control method" has been adopted to a general-purpose inverter for the first time in the world.
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A top quality drive: silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Perfectly designed functions open a new field with A1000. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry.
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Best Solution for your HVAC, Pump & Fan applications!
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Yaskawa has built a reputation for high performance, functionality, quality, and reliability. To make it even easier to optimize your applications, we present the new V1000.
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So easy to use: just switch it on and you're ready to go. J1000 is fully capable of efficient performance and energy saving, handling variable speed needs in compact applications. A drive that exemplifies true world quality with a difference you can really feel.
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The D1000 is a sinusoidal PWM converter capable of power regeneration. Use with an AC drive results in highly efficient operations and eliminates power harmonics problems.
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The power regenerative unit has braking and regenerative functions that returns load-energy to the power supply.
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